One of the secrets to a beautiful face is a clean face. Unclog those pores and allow them to breath. Once your face is clean and at peace, it is ready for some feel good hydration—Enter, Butterface. 


Butterface is a blend of quick-absorbing oils infused with botanicals that moisturizes, disinfects, and heals your skin.  Include this goodness in your face-pampering routine and 'about face' your way into a buttery, smooth one. Pair Butterface with Butterfly Witch for a knock-out combo.


Butterface comes in a 1-ounce glass bottle and a dropper.



*Hemp Seed oil

*Sunflower oil

*Rosehip oil

*Tamanu oil




*Vitamin E

 Lemon EO


*organic, ^local


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  • After cleansing and drying your face, place a drop (or two) on your palm, rub together with hands, and apply thinly to your face. Adjust amount as necessary.  Avoid using face oils with unwashed face; dirt-clogged pores + face oil = unhappy face.